Sean Yo

Using My Powers For Awesome

Web Development, Visual Design, Accessibility, User Experience, Technology Evangelism, Leadership, Cooking, Geek Culture, Being Awesome.
And Ninjas.


Hi, my name is Sean Yo. I live and work in the Waterloo Tech Region in Ontario, Canada. I have two English degrees and I work at Desire2Learn which makes web software to help people teach and learn online. Some people are surprised by my English degree-web, but for me, the most important thing we have are our stories. And the stories I like to be in are the ones about the web.

I love connecting with people and helping people connect with each other - that's why I love cooking, games, music and the web; they all let me connect with others and share food, fun, joy and learning. For me, nothing is better than when people can come together, share, and help each other be more awesome. If you'd like to be more awesome with me, let me know through one of the links to the right.